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Investing Perspectives on Payments Companies with Stoyan Bojinov of Arro Financial Communications

Over the course of many PayPod episodes, we’ve covered so many different aspects of fintech and payments, highlighted a lot of excellent companies pushing things forward in the industry, and beyond. One thing we have yet to do is talk about the world of payments from a pure investors perspective.

When considering companies to add to a portfolio, what does a more detailed look at the investment picture reveal? Joining us to help explore this is Stoyan Bojinov. Stoyan is the Content Director at ARRO Financial Communications, a marketing communications agency specializing in the financial services industry. Stoyan has been plugged into the markets for more than a decade, and had unique insight to share.

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Payments and Fintech in 2020 and Beyond with Jason Pereira of Fintech Impact

On this show, we take a look at the state of payments and fintech as we begin a new year. 2019 was a great year for innovation in these industries, with many businesses and organizations taking big steps forward…. but what the future holds is truly exciting.

We are joined by another podcast host and fintech professional by the name of Jason Pereira. Jason started in the industry at age 17 as a co-op student at a bank-owned brokerage, and today he is a Financial Planner, Entrepreneur, Writer, Broadcaster, Podcaster and Professor.
Currently he is Partner and Senior Financial Consultant and Woodgate Financial Partners and IPC Securities Corp. Furthermore, he’s the host of the Fintech Impact Podcast, one of the top rated podcasts on Fintech In the world.

Listen in to hear his experienced and nuanced perspectives on where fintech is today, and where it’s going in the coming year, and beyond.

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Exploring Fintech Law and Regulation with Lee Reiners of Duke Law

Whether you’re part of a new fintech startup, investing in cryptocurrencies, or just wanting to be plugged into the latest financial technologies, having an understanding of the legal and regulatory side of things is significant. In fact, some lawyers learning in elite institutions now find fintech education as part of their curriculum.

On this episode, we’re fortunate to be joined by Lee Reiners who is the Executive Director of the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke Law, and is a Lecturing Fellow at Duke. Lee has taught a number of courses around fintech Law as well as regulation, and had fantastic insight to share on both the educational side, and the broader subjects themselves.

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Facilitating B2B eCommerce, Payments, and Credit as a Service with Brandon Spear of MSTS

Many businesses need to process transactions across borders, between large companies, and beyond… but how can it all run efficiently? How does the B2B eCommerce space differ from B2C eCommerce?

Our podcast guest on this episode will answer these questions and more. Brandon Spear is the president of MSTS. MSTS is a global B2B payment and credit solutions provider that specializes in commercial transaction management, facilitating transactions for customers in over 190 countries with 40 years of experience.

Listen in as we cover payments from a global B2B perspective!

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How Digital Payments Can Save Banks and Businesses Billions with Laurence Cooke of nanopay

This week our podcast discussion focuses in on digital payments. There are so many organizations out there where payments and money transfer are crucial part of their operations… efficiency and function can have direct impacts on bottom lines and growth.

Given that, goals for speed, less friction, excellent security, and beyond put payments tech at the strategic forefront for many of these organizations. Our guest is Laurence Cooke, who is the founder and CEO of nanopay, a fintech working to reimagine payments by empowering businesses and banks to scale with innovative payment and liquidity management products.

Laurence has much to say on the topics of digital payments, financial technology, and beyond.

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Why Bitcoin Is The Only Cryptocurrency That Matters with Aleksandar Svetski of Amber

We’re back to discussing Bitcoin on this podcast episode! No matter how you view cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin certainly is making an impact on the fintech world and the future of financial systems themselves.

Our guest is entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast Aleksandar Svetski. Aleks is the founder and CEO of Amber, an app that makes buying bitcoin easy, and even allows users to do it passively. Aleks had tremendous insight – and passion – to share about why Bitcoin is so important and everyone should own some. Listen in!

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Using Crypto to Buy Gift Cards and More with Sergej Kotliar of Bitrefill

Achieving mainstream adoption for commerce is one of the biggest challenges cryptocurrencies face according to many. On this show, we discuss this and cover a company that is leading the charge for allowing consumers to use cryptocurrencies to buy real world products and services… with a little help from gift cards.

Our guest is Sergej Kotliar, who is CEO of Bitrefill, a company that allows people to turn their crypto into gift cards, prepaid phone cards, and more. Bitrefill allows consumers to exchange their digital currency for gift cards from companies located all over the world. Furthermore, Bitrefill is now working to develop networks for cryptocurrency exchange as well. Listen in for Sergej’s excellent perspective on the world of cryptocurrency and commerce!

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The Keys to Fraud Management with Priya Rajan of DataVisor

No matter how you cut it, fraud can happen… especially in our increasingly digital world. Not only do payments businesses need to worry about this, but any organization with a digital presence also must be vigilant. Fortunately there are solutions to combat fraud… “good guys” out there fighting the good fight against “bad guys” with the help of technology.

On this episode, we explore this with our guest, Priya Rajan, who is the Vice President of Marketing at DataVisor. DataVisor is actively working to leverage technology (such as machine learning), to help organizations manage fraud, fight spam and more. Priya had a tremendous amount to share about both the business costs of fraud, the challenges presented by fraudsters, and how technology is bridging the gap.

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POS Sales and Technology Insights with Danny Schard of PayProTec

POS systems offer great opportunities for both merchants and payments businesses alike. Whether you’re an agent, ISO, there’s a tremendous benefit to having enticing POS offerings. If you’re a merchant, a streamlined POS solution can save your business time and money.

On this episode, we’re exploring this with the help of Danny Schard, who is the Director of ISO sales at PayProtec. Danny has extensive experience in the merchant services industry, particularly on the sales side, and he has seen how POS systems can transform all kinds of businesses. Listen in to hear his excellent insight into the world of POS sales and technology.

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