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Crowdfunding and Payments with Salvador Briggman of Crowdcrux

On PayPod: The Payments Podcast, we cover all sorts of topics in payments and fintech, but on this episode we dive into something that’s given rise to an entirely new area of payments… crowdfunding. For the uninitiated, crowdfunding is defined as “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.”

That simple definition hardly does crowdfunding justice, so Scott is joined by a crowdfunding expert who sheds more light on it all. Our guest is Salvador Briggman, entrepreneur, founder Crowdcrux, and host of the podcast Crowdfunding Demystified. Sal shares his passion about crowdfunding every day on his site and graciously offers some of his best insights on this episode.

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The State of Fintech in 2019 with Mike Baliman of The London Fintech Podcast

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this show, we’re back to talking about the latest in fintech, specifically where things stand in 2019. Scott discusses this with the help of a true expert.

Mike Baliman is the founder and host of The London Fintech Podcast, which was launched in July 2014, is the longest running and most blue-chip Fintech podcast in Europe. The mission of the show is to educate and entertain and it has had over 420,000 downloads in 180 countries worldwide since its launch.

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High-Ticket Drop Shipping Merchants with Trevor Fenner of eCommerce Paradise

If you offer merchant services, are curious about the world of payments, or just like learning about fintech, eCommerce businesses often intersect with all three. Understanding how they work and are driven forward by payments is key. So with that in mind, in this episode of PayPod we begin by covering a specific type of eCommerce business – high-ticket drop shipping merchants.

Joining Scott to explore this is Trevor Fenner. Trevor, along with his partner Juliana, founded a site, business, and podcast called eCommerce Paradise, which is all about helping high-ticket drop shipping business owners grow their sales and more. Trevor offers great insight to this industry!

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Blockchain Technology 101 with Jason Choi of The Blockcrunch Podcast

Welcome to another episode of PayPod! We’ve spent a lot of time covering cryptocurrencies and some interesting applications of blockchain technology for businesses looking to secure digital identity, and other areas relevant to the payments space.

But it’s such a deep area of technology that’s breaking new ground each and every day, and the world has only just barely scratched the surface of what is possible with blockchain technology. With that in mind, this show is a deep dive into blockchain technology! Scott is joined by Jason Choi, who hosts a great podcast called The Blockcrunch Podcast, offering 20 minute insights from crypto and blockchain experts. Listen in to their great discussion!

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Exploring Credit Card Rewards with Peter Foti of Pursuing Points

We’ve spent so much time on this show talking about payments and the credit card industry from the perspective of merchants, but never really looked at the other side of it… from the consumer angle. It’s important to consider the merchant’s customers who are actually pulling out the plastic to make their purchases.

That’s why on this episode, we’re focusing on credit card rewards points with a true expert. Scott is joined by Peter Foti, founder and host of PursuingPoints, a podcast and site that’s all about helping credit card holders maximize their rewards.

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The Most Popular Non-Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies with Michael Laake of CryptoBasic

We’re back with another episode of PayPod! We’ve spent a lot of time talking about Bitcoin in recent episodes, and covered how it can achieve mainstream adoption and impact the world of payments. While that’s all great, there are a tremendous amount of cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin, and in this episode we cover some of the most popular ones.

Helping Scott explore this is Michael Laake of the Crypto Basic Podcast. Michael was introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies through the world of professional Poker. From there, he began learning all he could and has much to share

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Why Cryptocurrencies with Drew Taylor and Brent Bates of the Wild West Crypto Show

Why Cryptocurrencies? It’s a huge question in the world of payments and fintech, because many people wonder why they’re even necessary or if mainstream adoption is a good thing. On this episode of PayPod: The Payments Podcast we dive headlong into a discussion all about it.

Joining Scott to explore this is Brent Bates and Drew Taylor of The Wild West Crypto Show. Drew Taylor is the founder and CEO of Wild West Crypto, and an inventor, innovator, and a visionary who holds 7 utility patents 6 Radio Shows, 2 Television shows, written 2 books. Brent Bates, is a co-host of the Wild West Crypto Show and a true business professional with decades of experience in professional fields, which have ultimately led him to the world of crypto.

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Business, eCommerce, and Cryptocurrency with Gary Leland of The 4 Minute Crypto Show

On this episode, we’re covering big umbrella topics that relate quite well… and that’s entrepreneurship, business, and cryptocurrencies. The business side of cryptocurrencies is fascinating because, like more traditional payments businesses, it’s so impacted by technology and innovation.

Joining Scott to explore all this is Gary Leland, who is the co-founder of Crypto Cousins, and host of 4 Minute Crypto, which aim to educate listeners and followers all about cryptocurrencies. Gary is also a tremendously experienced businessman and entrepreneur. Gary started his first brick and mortar store in 1981, His first e-commerce site in 1996, and his first podcast in 2004. If you’re based in Texas (like Soar Payments is), and specifically Arlington, you may have heard of a of one of his most successful businesses… Leland’s Wallpaper, the largest wallpaper store in Texas.

Listen in for his great insight!

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Cryptocurrency Investing and More with Marcello Milteer of The Bitcoin Podcast

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there’s a lot to be said about the payments applications of it. But issues like volatility, price drops, and more present challenges. In this wide ranging episode, we touch on investing in cryptos, blockchain technology usage in business, as well as something called stablecoins which offer up some interesting solutions to volatility problems in cryptos.

Helping Scott explore this is Marcello Milteer, who is the Co-founder and Host of The Bitcoin Podcast. Marcello has worked directly with major global advertising agencies, such as Dell, IBM, and is now an influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor, and Evangelist. He has appeared in Huffington Post, RT Media, and Crunchbase for his work in marketing, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship.

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