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Ep 46: Auditing Security and Trust on the Web with Jeff WIlbur of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA)

Whether you’re an individual making a purchase online, an eCommerce business with customers all over the world, or a payments/fintech organization handling sensitive data such as credit card information… online trust and security matters. On this episode, we cover this topic in depth with the help of a technology expert from The Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance (OTA).

Scott is joined by Jeff Wilbur, who is the Technical Director for OTA. He helps Scott explore online security and trust through the lens of the 10th OTA Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll, which is an evaluation OTA does yearly. In fact, this year, OTA even added payments services to the consumer section of the audit this year. Listen in to learn what industries are leading the pack with security, what the best practices are, and much more!

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Ep 45: Why Payments Matter with Bruce Parker and Ryan Lee of Modo

When it comes to business and technology… sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and reflect on the big picture. On this episode of PayPod, we do just that and answer a simple question, “Why do payments matter?” In addition to this, we explore payments on a global scale, touching on the challenges (and benefits) of taking any business international.

Helping Scott to explore these topics are two professionals from a company called Modo or ModoPayments, which is a bank-grade, fintech-as-a-service platform based in Richardson, Texas. Bruce Parker, CEO and Founder of Modo, and Ryan Lee, Chief Product Officer, had excellent insight to share – so listen in!

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Ep 44: Tackling Credit Card Processing Fees with Allan Ratafia and Marc Howard of BizPayO

One of the biggest frustrations merchants have when it comes to payments is the cost of credit card processing fees. While these fees necessary and have allowed the payments and merchant services industries to flourish and innovate… helping merchants manage them and remain competitive is a crucial task. On this episode, Scott is joined by two guests who are working to tackle these very fees by giving merchants tools to reduce their impact.

Marc Howard and Allan Ratafia from BizPayO join Scott to discuss the unique payments solutions they’re working on each and every day. Listen in to hear how they view, and are addressing, the elephant in the room that is rising credit card processing fees.

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Ep 43: Using Solution Fitting to Meet Merchant Needs with Keith Sampson of North American Bancard

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this episode, Scott is joined by payments industry expert Keith Sampson to discuss how to more effectively meet the unique needs of many different merchants. Keith believes the answer lies in “solution fitting” and has much to share regarding it’s potential positive impacts.

Keith Sampson is the Director of National Sales for North American Bancard, an award-winning payment solutions provider. For more than 20 years, Sampson has lead strategic business development initiatives while spearheading innovative and integrated solutions in the Merchant Services, Mobile and Electronic Payments ecosystems, as well as other business-to-business industries.

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Ep 42: The Economics and Philosophy of Bitcoin with Guy Swann of The Cryptoconomy Podcast

It’s time for another episode of PayPod! On this show, we’re back to discussing Bitcoin as we explore the philosophy and economics behind it. Understanding these two key elements is significant when considering the applications of bitcoin in traditional financial systems, adoption, and more.

Joining Scott to help explore this is Guy Swann, founder and host of The Cryptoconomy Podcast. Guy has spent well over 7 years learning about Bitcoin and its associated technologies, and has combined it with his passion for economics to become a thought leader in the field. Listen in for his great insight!

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Ep 41: Merchants Accepting Cryptocurrencies with Craig Rudes of the Long Island Blockchain Council

We’ve done a lot of shows on bitcoin and the blockchain and covered a lot of theory, but at the merchant level… the “boots on the ground payments level” we want to know how adoption and implementation is going. On this latest episode we do just that, as Scott is joined by Craig Rudes, who is working to get more merchants to start accepting cryptocurrencies.

Craig is the founder of Long Island Blockchain Council, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support the understanding and adoption of blockchain technology and the ability of blockchain technology to build a globally accessible, transparent and trustworthy Internet.

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Ep 40: Business Support for ISOs and Merchant Acquirers with Tyler Gerber of Boomtown

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this show we’re diving into a topic that anyone who is running or working for an ISO, merchant acquirer, or really any business would so well to consider… the power of business support for technology companies.

Helping Scott to explore this is our expert guest, Tyler Gerber, who is the Director of Strategic Accounts at Boomtown. Boomtown has built their entire company around providing business and technology support solutions for organizations. One of the most significant parts of their focus is on helping ISOs and merchant acquirers.

Listen in to discover how business support solutions are revolutionizing the world of payments!

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Ep 39: Crowdfunding and Payments with Salvador Briggman of Crowdcrux

On PayPod: The Payments Podcast, we cover all sorts of topics in payments and fintech, but on this episode we dive into something that’s given rise to an entirely new area of payments… crowdfunding. For the uninitiated, crowdfunding is defined as “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.”

That simple definition hardly does crowdfunding justice, so Scott is joined by a crowdfunding expert who sheds more light on it all. Our guest is Salvador Briggman, entrepreneur, founder Crowdcrux, and host of the podcast Crowdfunding Demystified. Sal shares his passion about crowdfunding every day on his site and graciously offers some of his best insights on this episode.

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Ep 38: The State of Fintech in 2019 with Mike Baliman of The London Fintech Podcast

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! On this show, we’re back to talking about the latest in fintech, specifically where things stand in 2019. Scott discusses this with the help of a true expert.

Mike Baliman is the founder and host of The London Fintech Podcast, which was launched in July 2014, is the longest running and most blue-chip Fintech podcast in Europe. The mission of the show is to educate and entertain and it has had over 420,000 downloads in 180 countries worldwide since its launch.

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