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Bitcoin Kiosks With Neil Bergquist Of Coinme

Accessibility is one of the biggest challenges facing crypto adoption. Fortunately, there are fintechs working to solve the issue. Neil Bergquist, Co-founder and CEO of Coinme joins to share the story of this Bitcoin Kiosk company. They have partnered with Coinstar as well as Moneygram to enable people to exchange their cash for crypto in an easy and frictionless way.

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Delivering On Crypto’s Democratization Promise With Sheldon Gilbert Of Kura Labs

Cryptocurrencies and the democratization of finance offers a tremendous amount of promise… particularly for those in under-resourced communities. But what will it take to truly deliver on it? Sheldon Gilbert, tech entrepreneur and founder of Proclivity Systems as well as Kura Labs, which matches college students and recent graduates with high-demand, high-paying jobs, joins the show to discuss.

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The Keys To Credit Union Success With Dr. David Tuyo Of UCU

Credit Unions play a pivotal role in the financial world, and can offer incredible benefits for their members. Still, in a landscape that is increasingly digital and more competitive than ever, how can Credit Unions have sustained success?

Dr. David Tuyo, CEO of University Credit Union (UCU), has helped his Credit Union navigate a sometimes challenging landscape (particularly in the wake of COVID19). Listen in as he offers up his unique perspective and insights on Credit Union success.

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DeFi And Digital Banking With Jason Blick of EQIBank

Digital banking continues to take the financial world by storm, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers up a new frontier for unparalleled access to financial services. When combined with powerful underlying technology, the results are tremendous. Jason Blick, Director & CEO of EQIBank joins the show to share his company’s success story and to cover what’s next in De-Fi and digital banking.

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Securing Digital Customer Journeys With Sameer Hajarnis of OneSpan

With the continued rise of mobile banking, mobile payments, eCommerce and all kinds of digital financial apps and tools… security is paramount. COVID-19 turned the screws even tighter on brick-and-mortar outlets, so the proliferation of digital services continues.

Despite the growing capabilities delivered by AI, human interaction must be at the heart of certain services – such as agreement processes. Even in the digital, the human interaction matters.

Our guest helping to explore all this is Sameer Hajarnis, e-signature Product Leader at OneSpan, Sameer is going to shed some light on how face-to-face meeting is still possible with digital capabilities to complete key financial agreements processes, and more.

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Bringing Payments In House With Jareau Wadé of Finix

There are many businesses out there, such as SaaS businesses or ISVs where payments play a crucial role… and can even present a greater opportunity if brought in house.

When should an ISV, for example, bring payments in house? How is it done effectively? When should becoming a PayFac be considered?

Jareau Wadé, Chief Growth Officer of Finix, a fintech company that has developed a robust a payment processing platform for businesses, joins the show to answer these questions and more. Listen along to discover the true power of bringing payments in house.

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Exploring Digital Insurance Payments with Chris Ewing of One Inc

Payments solutions and technology can transform many industries… On this episode we focus in on how digital payments are revolutionizing the way the insurance world runs.

Our guest is Chris Ewing, who is the CEO of One Inc. One Inc provides insurance companies a digital payments platform designed to increase retention, decrease admin expenses, and mitigate data security risk – while simplifying compliance.

Listen along as Chris walks us through the power of digital payments in insurance.

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The Money Habits of Gen Z and Gen Alpha With Dean Brauer of gohenry

Gen Alpha and Gen Z make up an increasingly important cohort when it comes to spending and saving money. Financial literacy is more important for kids and teens than ever before.

From the fintech side, over the last year amidst the pandemic their earnings and spending habits have changed. Dean Brauer, co-founder of gohenry (App Store), a kids debit card and financial education app, joins to discuss his business and the fascinating results from their research into children’s money habits.

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Optimizing Credit Card Spending with John Taylor Garner of Card Curator

It’s well known that credit card rewards can enable cheaper flights, hotel upgrades, and more… but it can be difficult to maximize these benefits. While some individuals are able to optimize their credit card usage, it takes a lot of time, research, and effort to get it right.

What if there was an app that leveraged technology to enable credit card reward maximization? On this episode, John Taylor Garner joins the show to discuss the company he founded, Card Curator ( App Store | Google Play), which does just that. Listen along for his unique insights into optimizing credit card spend to receive the largest rewards.

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