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Ep 22: Bitcoin Business and Market Insights with Ansel Lindner

It’s no secret that there have been folks who have made a lot of money trading bitcoin, and people who have lost a lot of money trading it. But what’s the story behind bitcoins price? And how does bitcoin and blockchain technology affect businesses trading in more traditional markets?

On this episode, Scott is joined by Ansel Lindner, founder and host of the Bitcoin and Markets Podcast to help answer these questions and more. Ansel has made looking at the market and business side of bitcoin his mission, and he had tremendous insight to share on all of it.

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Ep 21: The Future of Mobile Banking with Jason Maude of Starling Bank

What if everything you ever needed from your bank could be accessed in the palm of your hand, at any time? Imagine a future where you never have to step foot in a bank branch to get your banking needs met. In fact, the future is already happening… and in the United Kingdom, non-traditional banks called Challenger Banks are making waves in the financial world.

On this episode, Scott is joined by Jason Maude, who works for Starling Bank, which is one such Challenger Bank. Jason Maude is a coder, coach, debater, and public speaker. He has over a decade of experience working in the financial sector, primarily in creating and delivering software. He is passionate about explaining complex technical concepts to those who are convinced that they won’t be able to understand them. Jason is Starling Bank’s Head of System Analytics and host of the Starling podcast.

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Ep 20: Mining Bitcoin and More with Peter McCormack of What Bitcoin Did

We’re back with another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! This week, Scott returns to the topic of Bitcoin, with another expert guest, Peter McCormack. This time, discussion is centered around covering other aspects of Bitcoin… particularly how it’s mined and traded. Additionally, Scott and Peter touch on how these unique elements of Bitcoin impact its price, and viability as a payments vehicle.

Peter McCormack is a Bitcoin and Crypto Trader, Blogger, Podcaster, Advisor and Miner… and the man behind What Bitcoin Did, a twice-weekly podcast where he interviews leaders in Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

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Ep 19: Digital Identity and Security with Andre Boysen of SecureKey

Have you ever thought about how many millions of transactions and transmissions of sensitive information are going on each and every minute around the world? Have you ever thought about how devastating identity theft, or getting hacked can be? This is something that impacts consumers and businesses, and is particularly important to be mindful of when working in fintech or payments.

Our guest this week had so much to share about digital identity and security, because he works for a business leading the way in innovation around these topics. Andre Boysen is the Chief Identity Officer for SecureKey, one of the leading identity and authentication providers that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications. Listen in as Scott and Andre explore this fascinating topic!

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Ep 18: Payments and Bitcoin in 2018 with Stephan Livera

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! This week, we’re diving back into the world of cryptocurrencies… in the first of a number of shows all about the world’s biggest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Specifically we want to answer some big questions such as… what can you do with it, where is it going, is it going to be the dominant crypto of the future… will it achieve widespread adoption in payments, and so much more.

This episode covers what’s going on with Bitcoin right now and Scott is joined by Stephan Livera, who hosts an excellent bitcoin podcast. In addition to talking Bitcoin, he’s also a Chartered Accountant and has a background in Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems. He works as a technology internal auditor in financial services. Listen in as he breaks down Bitcoin in 2018!

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Ep 17: Payments Solutions from Community Banks with Tina Giorgio of ICBA Bancard

In a world of huge banks, it’s easy to forget that millions of folks in the United States bank at smaller institutions in their local communities. These are community banks, and they hold massive appeal precisely because they’re smaller, more nimble institutions. Just like big bank customers, community bank customers are getting credit cards and using them to pay for goods and services, and businesses want to set up merchant accounts with their local banks.

This week, Scott discusses all of this and more with his guest Tina Giorgio, who is the President and CEO of ICBA Bancard… the payments wing of the Independent Community Bankers of America. Listen in to learn more about community banking, and how it all ties into the greater payments industry.

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Ep 16: Business Banking in the 21st Century with Clayton Weir of FI.SPAN

It’s time for another edition of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! This episode going to be talking about the future of banks, including mid-market and larger banks… and their relationship to their business banking customers. Specifically, diving in to the question of whether the future of business banking is going to be centered around a company’s bank relationship, or whether upstart FinTechs companies will continue to displace banks in the mindshare for servicing business clients financial needs.

Joining Scott on the show is Clayton Weir, co-founder of FI.SPAN, a company that helps banks preserve and grow their business client relationships by enabling them to offer more robust and better integrated financial services. To put it more simply… it’s similar to Zapier, but for banks. Listen in for his great insight!

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Ep 15: The True Business Cost of Chargebacks with Melissa Fitzsimmons of Chargebacks911

Whether you’re offering merchant services, or just a small business owner selling products and services to customers… when it comes to credit card processing, chargebacks are the enemy. Unfortunately, too many people underestimate just how costly chargebacks can be, and don’t bother with tools and information that could help them reduce, fight, and even eliminate chargebacks.

Scott was joined on this episode by Melissa Fitzsimmons, who works on Business Development for Chargebacks911, a company that specializes in helping merchants manage chargebacks. Melissa had fantastic advice for how to reduce chargebacks, and made an incredible business case why focusing combating them can have an incredibly positive financial impact on businesses.

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Ep 14: Cryptocurrency 101 with Will Salisbury

Welcome to another episode of PayPod: The Payments Industry Podcast! This week, we’re finally dedicating a whole episode to a topic that has had people in payments and FinTech buzzing for a while… cryptocurrencies. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency. But do you truly understand how cryptocurrencies work? Furthermore, do you know what the future holds for them… will they change the financial world as we know it and achieve widespread adoption among consumers and businesses?

Our guest this week is Will Salisbury, co-founder of Blockchain Decrypted, which is a site dedicated to staying up to date with the latest in cryptocurrency and blockchain news. Will also trades cryptocurrencies full time, so we couldn’t think of a better guest to give a bit of a 101 course. Listen in as Scott and Will serve up a primer on crypto!

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