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Merchant Processing Lending with Jorge Sun of LendingFront

For small businesses, getting access to capital can be a difficult and time-consuming process that can often end in rejection from traditional lenders. Fortunately, there are increasingly innovative lending solutions available… some which involve processors lending to their merchants.

On this episode, we explore the benefits of merchant processors offering their merchants capital access, through the lens of a company making it all happen.

Our guest is Jorge Sun, CEO of LendingFront, which facilitates small business lending by community banks, credit unions and alternative lenders. LendingFront enables lenders to separate small business lending from the traditional commercial lending process so they can lend capital in a more efficient, risk adverse manner.

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International Payments and Liquidity with Khawar Ali of KFX Services

Moving capital between countries presents unique challenges, and the regulatory landscape is constantly shifting. This can present liquidity obstacles that organizations, and especially high net worth individuals may need help overcoming.

Fortunately, there are fintech-focused services offering solutions to these challenges. Helping to explore this is our guest, Khawar Ali, who is CEO and Co-Founder at AdvisoryKONNECT & KFX Services. KFX Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvisoryKONNECT, a premier advisory firm with over 30 years of combined global sourcing and investment expertise. Over the years, AdvisoryKONNECT has been supporting and investing in a number of Fintechs, leveraging their relationship with the finance and tech world.

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Property Management Solutions for DIY Landlords with Eachan Fletcher of NestEgg

Fintech and payments continue to revolutionize all kinds of industries. On this podcast, we focus in on how an app and suite of tools is making it easier than ever for DIY Landlords to grow their portfolio of rental properties.

Our guest is Eachan Fletcher, Founder & CEO of NestEgg ( App Store | Google Play). NestEgg is a DIY app for landlords making the uberization of real estate management a reality for the 12M small mom-and-pop landlords in the US. Leveraging technology and unique financial and payments solutions, NestEgg is helping landlords and tenants have successful agreements and living situations.

Prior to NestEgg, Eachan was formerly CTO at Expedia and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Listen in!

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Education and Innovation in Fintech with Dr. Stephen Taylor of NJIT

Obtaining a formal education in fintech is becoming increasingly popular as innovative degree programs have begun to emerge. This podcast episode focuses on the latest innovations in fintech, and how educators are helping fintech students prepare to be the fintech innovators of tomorrow.

Our guest is Dr. Stephen Taylor of NJIT, who is a professor in the first ever B.S. in Financial Technology degree program.

Dr. Taylor’s interests lie at the intersection of the application of mathematics, statistics, finance and data analysis/visualization. Previously, He worked in the financial services industry at Bloomberg, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Morgan Stanley, and Tudor Investment Corporation. His breadth of knowledge and experience make for a lively discussion on innovation and education!

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Financial Crime and Regulatory Compliance in 2021 with Charlie Delingpole of ComplyAdvantage

Financial crime and the regulatory landscape are two critical things for any payments business or fintech to be aware of. As we begin this new year, this landscape is going to continue to evolve.

That evolution is the focus of this podcast episode.

Our guest on the show, who has some excellent insights to offer up is Charles Delingpole. Charlie is the Founder & CEO of ComplyAdvantage, a company focused on neutralizing the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, and other financial crime with AI-driven risk data and detection technology.

Charlie is a technology entrepreneur with over 10 years of executive experience in the financial services space across the US, Europe and Asia. Listen in for his unique perspective!

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Mobile Fintech Trends in 2021 with Gerhard Oosthuizen of Entersekt

More than ever before, people are using their mobile phones for banking, payments, managing their finances, and beyond. This has massive implications for so many industries, and also brings into question issues of security and privacy.

On this episode, we’re joined by another expert guest from the company Entersekt, which provides mobile-first fintech solutions. Gerhard Oosthuizen is the Chief Technology Officer at Entersekt and provides his unique perspective on the latest trends in mobile fintech. In his role as CTO he is responsible for Innovation, R&D and rolling out strategic initiatives to their customers. He also drives their technology alliances and industry collaboration.

Listen in to learn what to expect from mobile fintech in 2021!

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Management Tools for Expenses and AP with Rajeev Subramanyam of Emburse

Whether you’re working on the finance side of a large organization, or starting your own business, managing expenses and accounts payable is a significant task. If you’re a CFO for example, perhaps finding a new automated solution for something like expense reporting could drastically improve the company’s bottom line.

Technology once again offers up some intriguing solutions, and today’s episode is focused on how those can help with expenses and accounts payable. Our guest is Rajeev Subramanyam, who is the General Manager of Emburse Pay. Rajeev joined Emburse in late 2020 after an extended career at American Express where he led a variety of functional and leadership roles across B2B Payments, Customer Acquisition and Loyalty in the SMB space.

Listen in for Rejeev’s expert insights on these tools!

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Construction Finance 101 with Christopher Doyle of Billd

When it comes to any construction project, there’s always much more going on than meets the eye. Look past the scaffolding and workers in hard hats… you’ll find there’s a whole world of payments and financing that supports it all.

Like so many industries, there are also pain points in construction finance. Fortunately, with the help of fintech, new solutions are out there to help businesses and individuals overcome them.

On this podcast episode, Chris Doyle, President and CEO of Billd, joins the show to break down this fascinating ecosystem and how his company is helping revolutionize it with technology.

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Emotion AI and Banking with Rana Gujral of Behavioral Signals

Quality sales and customer service is crucial to so many organizations in the financial world, and banks are no exception. Still, one doesn’t have to search for long to find examples of ineffective sales interactions and poor customer service.

Fortunately, new technologies powered by AI are being developed to help banks in these areas. On this episode, we explore one technology that is notably effective at this: Emotion AI. This new tool utilizes voice data and emotion to help banks achieve better outcomes with their customers.

Our guest walking us through it all is Rana Gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals. Behavioral Signals is leading the charge with this new technology and delivering incredible ROI for those organizations that implement it. Listen along to learn more about this revolutionary technology and its applications.

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