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SaaS Solutions for Growing ISOs with Kevin Smith of Pioneer

Whether it’s an ISO (Independent Sales Organization) or a bank, growing and managing a merchant portfolio isn’t easy. Larger portfolios with more relationships to manage can lead to increased overhead, and even suboptimal merchant experiences.

Fortunately, there are now SaaS solutions ISOs and banks can use to make managing it all much easier (and more profitable).

Our expert guest on this show is Kevin Smith. Kevin is a payments industry veteran, with 30 years of operational experience in the ISO business. Kevin used that experience to build out Pioneer, a software offering that makes it easier for ISOs and Banks to manage their portfolios.

Listen below to learn how the right tools can transform your merchant services portfolio management and lead to more growth.

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Enabling Merchants to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments with Bill Zielke of BitPay

As cryptocurrencies continue to see usage increases in mainstream commerce, the need for merchant payments solutions also grows.

On this episode, we explore the mechanisms that enable merchants to accept crypto as payment. Offering insight is our podcast guest Bill Zielke. Bill is the CMO of BitPay, the world’s first and most experienced platform for bitcoin payments. They enable their customers to spend, accept payments, and build with Bitcoin.

Coming from a company on the cutting edge of crypto payments makes Bill the perfect guest to discuss this with… listen in for his tremendous insight:

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Personal Finance Technology and Entrepreneurship with Henry Daas of DaasKnowledge

Individuals embracing the entrepreneurial spirit can be found all over the payments and fintech industries… which is no surprise given how core innovation is to the space.

On this episode, the discussion focuses two crucial items anyone with that entrepreneurial mindset needs to have squared away for success in a payments or fintech venture. First, is having a roadmap for success in entrepreneurship, and second is personal finance.

Our expert guest is Henry Daas. Henry is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and investor who built his consulting business, DaasKnowledge, to help provide professional coaching for entrepreneurs & business owners of companies with top line sales under $10M.

His debut book is called, FQ: Financial Intelligence and is the culmination of his six decades of financial knowledge and experience.

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Ecommerce Financing Innovation with Aidan Corbett of Wayflyer

Financial innovation has made this perhaps the best time in history when it comes to accessing capital. There are more funding options for businesses, including those in eCommerce, to explore than ever before.

But not all funding sources and models are the same. In fact many innovators in the space are changing the entire industry, such as our podcast guest Aidan Corbett and his company.

Aidan is the co-founder of Wayflyer, an eCommerce platform that specializes in funding ad spend and inventory purchases for small eCommerce brands all over. The company has provided many founders with the capital advance they need to purchase inventory and fund advertising, along with the deep insights (gathered from sales and marketing platforms) needed to spend it smarter – all without taking a stake in the company’s brand.

Listen in to learn about this new funding model, and more.

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Sales Technology and Strategies with Chris Beall of ConnectAndSell

The ability to sell is often integral to success in the highly competitive worlds of merchant services, payments, and fintech. Having a sales edge can change the entire trajectory of a company.

Leveraging technology and using effective sales strategies can be that edge, and the difference between a merchant saying “no” and a lengthy payment processing partnership.

Joining the podcast to offer advice and much needed perspective on sales is Chris Beall of ConnectAndSell. ConnectAndSell is a sales solution that provides the most transparent Demand Generation solution on the market, delivering the most dials, the most sales conversations, and highest conversion rate.

Chris has a tremendous amount of sales experience, listen in for key tips and insights!

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Teaching Kids Financial Literacy with Benny Nachman of Jassby

How can something as simple as an app help me and other parents impart financial literacy onto children?

On this episode, we explore yet another fantastic step in fintech innovation with our guest Benny Nachman, CEO of Jassby. Jassby is the mobile wallet for the family allowing parents to share money with their kids while teaching them about financial literacy. Parents can manage chores, allowances, and savings goals with their kids while managing how they spend that money on and offline directly through the Jassby app and through the Jassby Mall, an online store.

Listen in for a wide-ranging discussion about the importance of talking about finances with children, how a simple mobile app can help facilitate those conversations, and more.

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Exploring Crypto Trading Platforms with Daniel Gunsberg of Hxro

If you want to buy and sell cryptocurrency, you need a quality trading platform to do it on. This episode focuses on the what, why, and how of cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Our guest is Daniel Gunsberg, founder of Hxro, a cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to make crypto trading truly engaging. Dan founded Hxro in 2014, after years working in traditional trading, believing that a gamified product could bring the thrill and excitement back to the trading experience.

Listen in for a unique look at the world of cryptocurrency trading and the platforms that enable it.

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Subscription-Based Businesses and Payments with Nick Fredrick of Rebar Technology

Many entrepreneurs and executives have realized the power of subscription-based business. Companies built around recurring revenue are some of the most successful, and many industries are a perfect fit for it.

Of course, payments and subscription technology are key to making it all work.

On this episode, we explore subscription-based businesses with the help of our guest Nick Fredrick, who is the president of Rebar Technology. Rebar was created to help companies needing support with subscription technology and operations.

Nick’s expertise brings his clients improved revenue and reduced expenses, while implementing systems that scale faster and with greater stability.

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The Power of APIs with Dov Marmor of Railsbank

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are ubiquitous in the payments and fintech world. They offer tremendous benefits to organizations both new and established… but what exactly makes them so powerful? Beyond that, what benefits can concepts like Credit Cards as a Service offer organizations?

On this episode we explore all this and more with the help of our guest Dov Marmor. Dov is COO of Railsbank in North America. Railsbank is the pioneer and innovator in the global Banking as a Platform (BaaP) sector, enabling banks, businesses and brands to define the future of consumer and SME finance.

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