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Web 3.0 And Crypto With Dr. Kurt Nielsen of Partisia Blockchain

What if there was a way for consumers to move outside traditional search engines and digital advertising to protect privacy AND get financial rewards from use of their data? Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency offer key solutions.

On this episode our guest is Dr. Kurt Nielsen, President of Partisia Blockchain, a WEB 3.0 public blockchain built for trust, transparency, privacy and speed of light finalization. Listen along as Kurt walks us through it all.

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Trends In Payments With Paul Golding Of Macquarie Group

We have officially reached 200 episodes! On this show, we take a look at the big picture of payments to explore the latest trends, technologies, and forces driving change in the space.

Paul Golding, Senior US Payments and Lifestyle Analyst for Macquarie Group, joins the show as a subject matter expert to offer key insights on both the current landscape, as well as what is to come. Listen along to stay informed on the latest trends in payments.

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Revolutionizing Start-Up Investing With Rémy Astié Of VAUBAN

Startup investment and VC funding are areas of finance ripe for innovation. As Fintech tools and platforms continue to evolve, cost reduction and efficiency become a primary focus.

On this episode, Rémy Astié, Founder & Co-CEO of VAUBAN joins the show to discuss the growth in VC investing, and how their platform is making start-up investing faster, easier, and more accessible… which is great for both investors and the start-ups looking for capital.

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eCommerce And Shopify Payments Insights With Chase Clymer of Electric Eye

eCommerce businesses continue to thrive, but only with the right strategy and supporting platforms like Shopify.

Having the optimal payments stack is also crucial to success. Chase Clymer, Co-Founder of Electric Eye, a growth agency focusing on eCommerce brands using Shopify specifically joins the show to explore. Chase is also the host of the Honest Ecommerce podcast and had a tremendous amount of insight to share.

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  • September 30, 2021
  • Podcast

Exploring Micropayments With Sushil Prabhu Of Dropp

Micropayments, financial transactions involving small sums of money, typically online, have been overlooked by many traditional payments and financial organizations.

However, the “microeconomy” is actually massive, and offers exciting opportunities for those that cater to it… and financial inclusion itself Sushil Prabhu, Chairman and CEO of Dropp (App Store | Google Play), a platform enabling micropayments, joins the podcast to break it all down.

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  • September 28, 2021
  • Podcast

Decentralized Capital Markets with Rachid Ajaja of AllianceBlock

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) not only has the chance to revolutionize the economy, it has the chance to save it. This makes bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, neobanks, and beyond, absolutely crucial.

Rachid Ajaja, CEO and Founder of AllianceBlock joins the show to discuss these opportunities, and how his company is helping DeFi products and services drive value and mainstream adoption.

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  • September 23, 2021
  • Podcast

SMB Lending Insights With Brian Geary Of Linear Financial Technologies

Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB) have unfortunately often found themselves underserved by traditional banks when it comes to lending. How can fintech-powered solutions bridge the gap?

On this episode, Brian Geary, President of Linear Financial Technologies joins the show to explore this and share his company’s story. Quality tech platforms can reduce lending friction, reduce costs for banks (making it easier to service smaller players), and more…. listen along to find out how!

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  • September 17, 2021
  • Podcast

Helping Banks Navigate Digital Transformation With Vikram Srivats Of WaveMaker

Digital transformations are happening across many industries, and banking is no exception.

Banking customers have come to expect mobile apps and other digitized services, while open banking continues to establish itself as the future.

Vikram Srivats, VP and General Manager at WaveMaker joins the show to discuss their low code development platform, and how banks can successfully navigate digital transformations.

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  • September 14, 2021
  • Podcast

Behavioral Biometrics And Fraud Prevention With Bill Sytsma Of Callsign

When it comes to fraud prevention, behavioral biometrics presents the latest, and perhaps greatest, way to leverage technology for increased security and privacy.

Add in passive authentication and the implications for improved user experience across banking, payments, and elsewhere are significant. Bill Sytsma, Senior VP at Callsign, joins the show to discuss. Bill is a seasoned executive in the fraud and identity industry building out sales and services teams to work with the world’s largest organizations in combating cybercrimes. He has held leadership positions at both Fortune 500 companies and industry disruptors such as EMC, ThreatMetrix and BioCatch where he has built out sales and services.

Listen along to hear his unique insights!

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