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Open Banking and APIs with Eyal Sivan of Axway

The open banking movement is really central much of the change in the products and services offered by banks (particularly digital). In many people’s view, open banking truly represents the future of the financial world.

Our guest helping us explore all the latest in open banking and APIs is Eyal Sivan. Eyal is the Head of Open Banking at Axway, where he is responsible for positioning Axway as the number one thought leader and integration solution provider in the open banking space. Eyal also hosts a show called Mr Open Banking where he explores various topics under the open banking umbrella in each episode.

Listen along to learn about the latest in open banking.

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Combating Chargeback Fraud with Ron Hynes of Vesta

Chargeback fraud, and Card Not Present (CNP) fraud present ongoing challenges for many merchants, particularly those in eCommerce or industries considered “high risk” by processors and banks. Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can help in a big way.

On this episode we take a look at how to combat chargeback fraud with the help of our guest Ron Hynes, CEO of Vesta. Vesta is a leading FinTech company and the forerunner in guaranteed e-commerce payment solutions. Vesta pioneered the process of fully guaranteed card-not-present (CNP) payment transactions for the telecommunications industry.

Listen along for an in-depth look at this crucial topic!

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Financial Empowerment Through Technology with Richard Liu of Earnin

Unfortunately many people in the US, and around the world have faced, and continue to face financial challenges… and having to wait for payday can exacerbate these challenges. Fortunately… fintech once again offers solutions.

On this episode, Richard Liu, CTO of Earnin joins the show to explore financial empowerment through technology. Earnin is an app ( App Store | Google Play ) that lets people get paid as soon as they leave work, with no fees, interest, or hidden costs. It’s the definition of financial empowerment, and the perfect vehicle with which to explore a crucial topic.

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Making Payments With Gold Featuring David Dorr of Coro

For centuries people have traded gold for goods and services… and it still has tremendous value. Like anything with value, there’s a potential to use it for payments.

On this episode, we’re joined by David Dorr, who is the founder and CEO of Coro Global Inc. They have developed an app, CORO ( App Store | Google Play), which combines gold with the world’s most advanced and secure hashgraph distributed ledger technology. With CORO anyone can exchange, send, and save gold and dollars instantly, seamlessly, and at low cost.

Listen in to discover the power of making payments seamlessly using gold.

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What Millennials Want From Their Banks with Wayne Busch and Michael Goodman of NTT DATA Services

When it comes to offering banking or other financial services to consumers, it’s important to understand preferences… particularly preferences that can vary by generation. Millennials and Gen Xers remain a critical cohort for financial institutions around the world, and meeting their tech-savvy expectations can provide a path to significant growth.

On this podcast episode, we explore the banking preferences of Millennials and Gen Xers with the help of Wayne Busch and Michael Goodman of NTT Data Services. Wayne is president of NTT DATA Services’ Financial Services, Insurance and Consulting businesses. Michael Goodman is the Vice President, Business Insights at NTT Data Services.

Listen along as we explore what Millennials want from their banks.

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Leadership Insights for Technology Executives with Jahn Karsybaev of MyBasePay

Whether it’s a small fintech startup, established payments business, or a multinational bank… the leaders within the organization are critical to its success. Building a cohesive team, managing projects, fostering innovation, or spearheading technological transformations is not possible to do without effective leadership.

On this podcast episode, our discussion focuses on the keys to leadership, particularly in tech organizations. Our guest is Jahn Karsybaev, who is the CIO of MyBasePay. MyBasePay is a comprehensive Back-Office, Payroll and Talent Acquisition platform. They provide turn-key solutions for Staffing Firms, Gig Workers and Corporate Talent Acquisition.

Jahn has a wealth of insight to offer on leadership, so listen in!

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Credit Union Growth Strategies with Kirk Drake of CU 2.0

Though they may not be mega banks on the global stage… credit unions built around community still have an important role to play in driving financial services and technology forward. Yet, competition from banks (including online banks) for members remains significant.

On this episode, our discussion centers around what it takes for credit unions to grow and thrive in this tech-driven environment. Our guest is Kirk Drake, President and Founder of Credit Union 2.0, a company dedicated to helping credit unions with branding, marketing, and growth. He’s also the author of CU 2.0: A Guide for Credit Unions Competing in the Digital Age.

Kirk is a lifelong entrepreneur. After founding a high school bank, he created and founded eight more successful businesses. Each new business increasingly focused on the technological side of finance. From disaster recovery, to cybersecurity, to developing a digital wallet, to establishing inbound marketing in the financial market, Kirk has done quite a bit. And, though he hasn’t yet done it all, he’s working on it.

Listen along as Kirk offers some critical insights into credit union growth strategies.

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Exploring KYC and AML with Ian Henderson of Kyckr

For any financial organization, whether it’s a bank, payments business, fintech, or otherwise… KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations, and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations can influence it significantly. This can sometimes be in a negative way in the form of fines and other fallout from failing to meet standards.

On this episode we take a look at the ins and outs of KYC, as well as AML, with the help of Ian Henderson. Ian is the CEO of Kyckr, a global business register that helps with know your customer processes for anti-money laundering regulations.

Ian has more than 30 years’ executive experience in the banking and financial services sectors, and leads the growth of Kyckr as the global source for company intelligence, providing clients with real time access to data to meet regulatory requirements. Listen below for key perspectives on AML and KYC!

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The Payments Landscape in India with Nitya Sharma of Simpl

There’s a whole WORLD of payments out there, and every country has its own unique wrinkles, challenges, and opportunities in the payments industry.

On this show our focus zeroes in on a country whose payments landscape presents tremendous opportunity… India.

Our guest offering unique insights is Nitya Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of Simpl. Simpl ( Google Play | App Store) is India’s fastest growing Buy Now Pay Later platform, which uses Machine Learning & AI to offer a quick, secure and hassle-free payment experience to its users.

Nitya has successfully established Simpl as one of the leading players in the ‘pay later’ space with a network of 2500+ merchants including – Zomato, Dunzo, BigBasket, 1mg, Rapido, Quick Ride, Furlenco, etc. Listen along as he walks Scott through the payments landscape in India!

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