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Palm Print ID Tech Applications with Hua Yang of Redrock Biometrics

New ID technologies, particularly in biometrics, will continue to shape the way we interact with businesses, banks, and beyond. This episode focuses on one revolutionary technology… palm-print biometrics.

Our guest is Hua Yang, Co-founder of a biometric tech company called Redrock Biometrics. Redrock offers a technology called PalmID, an accurate and secure authentication solution.

With a simple wave of your hand you can pay bills, make deposits, and transfer money from nearly any ATM, computer or mobile device. And, once you enroll on one device, you are automatically enrolled on all other devices with the solution installed.

Listen in as Hua shares the story behind this technology, and its applications to the fintech world.

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Data Security in Payments with Mahmoud Abdelkader of Very Good Security

The payments world has a crucial role to play when it comes to security… especially data security. However, with notable breaches and lapses happening every year, many question if we need to re-think data security.

Our guest today is Mahmoud Abdelkader, Co-Founder and CEO of Very Good Security, a company working to transform how organizations, including those in payments, interact with consumer data.

Listen in as Mahmoud breaks down the ins and outs of data security, and how VGS upends traditional approaches.

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Market Perspectives on Fintechs with William Rhind of GraniteShares

Financial technology continues to transform and impact many companies around the world, including those that are publicly traded…

On this episode, we focus on fintechs from a market and investment perspective both currently and where it all is headed.

Our guest is William Rhind, founder of GraniteShares, an independent exchange-traded fund built for investors seeking simple, cost-effective access to differentiated investments.

William has built and managed businesses in the ETF market for nearly his entire career, and previously was the CEO of World Gold Trust Services, which is the largest commodity fund in the world. Listen in for his unique insight!

Please note that anything discussed on this episode does not constitute, and should not be construed as professional investment advice or specific recommendations. Please consult with your financial advisor or planner before investing in anything.

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RegTech and Sustainable Compliance with Shub Nandi of PiChain

Financial institutions, banks, and fintechs have a tremendous amount of responsibility to follow the latest regulations and compliance standards… but this can prove costly and difficult. Fortunately RegTech businesses offer solutions…

This podcast episode is all about the keys to supporting financial organizations through tech tools that make sustainable, reliable compliance possible.

Our guest is Shub Nandi, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of PiChain. PiChain is a RegTech with the mission to make compliance sustainable. They research and develop DeepTech systems that can proactively learn, solve and automate complex compliance problems for financial institutions. They do this by leveraging the combined strength of AI and Blockchain.

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Bitcoin Adoption in Payments with Alex Adelman of Lolli

If cryptocurrency, and specifically bitcoin, are going to truly see widespread use in the larger payments and commerce world, then quality strategies for increasing adoption are necessary. On this episode, we focus on the keys to achieving widespread bitcoin adoption through the lens of an innovative rewards-service.

Our guest helping to explore this is Alex Adelman. Alex has co-founded a business that directly rewards consumers in bitcoin. The bitcoin rewards company is called Lolli.

Listen in as Alex shares his and Lolli’s story, while covering just what needs to happen for bitcoin (and crypto at large) to achieve widespread adoption!

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Delivering a Quality Merchant Experience Digitally with Nicky Koopman of AEVI

When it comes to offering merchant services, or any payments solutions… the ins and outs of delivering a quality merchant experience, particularly digitally, are critical to get right. Whether you’re an ISO, a processor, creating payments software, the merchant experience is key to success.

On this episode, we’re joined by another thought leader in the payments world, Nicky Koopman. Nicky is the SVP of Business Solutions for AEVI. She is a pioneer in digital innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset who is responsible for bringing together AEVI’s digital business solutions. She has over 10 years’ experience working in broadcast media, eCommerce and internet companies with expertise in innovative digital business and growth strategies.

In her role as SVP Business Solutions, Nicky and her team work with AEVI’s network of solution partners to ensure the correct applications for each of the customer’s merchants are delivered and hence the best in-store customer experience is guaranteed. Nicky uses her entrepreneurial spirit and openness as well as her positive attitude to encourage others to go the extra mile and to drive AEVI’s mission forward.

Listen in for invaluable payments insights!

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Financial Asset Protection and Alternative Lending with Sarry Ibrahim

Successful individuals working in the payments or fintech world are bound to generate financial assets… assets which ought to be protected. Furthermore, from the entrepreneurial side, having alternative means to acquire capital can be a lifeline for any business.

On this episode, we explore the critical topic of financial asset protection and alternative lending through the lens of financial innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our guest expert is Sarry Ibrahim, MBA, LTCP. Sarry has spent his entire professional career in the financial services industry, and currently is helping individuals (not just seniors) plan for retirement, asset protection, and estate planning to avoid unnecessary risks and exposures to things outside of most people’s control. As a Bank on Yourself Authorized Agent, Sarry helps his clients achieve these results.

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Cryptocurrency and Cybercrime with Patrick Westerhaus of Cyber Team Six and Luke Wilson of 4iQ

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have taken the fintech world by storm, with seemingly limitless passion and potential propelling their usage forward. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have also drawn attention from some criminals, hackers, and fraudsters…

This podcast episode focuses on the cybercrime landscape as it relates to crypto, and how technology and innovation can help protect banks, businesses, and of course consumers from those who would exploit digital currencies.

Listen in as we explore this with the help of two guests with a tremendous amount of experience in the field of cyber security. Patrick Westerhaus is the CEO of Cyber Team Six, a company building software to defeat the cyber enabled crimes of fraud, theft and espionage, and Luke Wilson is the Vice President of Intelligence for 4iQ, a company that leverages technology to help investigators combat fraud, money laundering, counter terrorism financing, insider threats and other cyber crimes.

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Communications Strategies for Fintechs with Binna Kim and Ishviene Arora of Vested

When it comes to any business or brand, the communications side matters. How and what the employees, customers, and public hears from a business (and its employees) can shape its trajectory for better… or for worse.

This is true for fintechs and payments organizations as well and the focus of today’s episode.

Helping us explore these critical communications strategies are two guests from Vested, an agency that specializes in communications for organizations in the finance space.

Binna Kim is the President of Vested, and Ishviene Arora is the COO of Vested. Both women have a tremendous amount of experience in communications consultancy, particularly with financial services brands. Listen in for their crucial insights into this topic!

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