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Career Growth and Fintech Study with Dr. Theodore H. K. Clark of HKUST

What is the best way to advance a career in business? What’s the value of an education in fintech?

On this episode, Dr. Theodore “Ted” H. K. Clark of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) joins us to offer his insight on why education can be instrumental in career growth. Ted also outlines the importance of the fintech industry, and why developing technological skills (e.g., programming) can be an asset to any career.

Listen in to learn some key insights from an educator at one of the world’s renowned universities!

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Bankruptcy Alternatives 101 with Travis Siflinger of FluxCredit

Debt, bankruptcy, and subsequent negative impacts on credit are difficult challenges many people face in any economic climate. In the wake of Covid-19, job losses and economic uncertainty has impacted millions more individuals… making declaring bankruptcy a seemingly inevitable solution.

The good news is that there are alternatives to bankruptcy, and some of these alternatives leverage fintech and unique services to help people not only tackle debt, but potentially avoid bankruptcy altogether.

We explore bankruptcy alternatives on this episode with the help of Travis Siflinger, VP of Business Development at FluxCredit. FluxCredit is a fintech backed solution helping American consumers eliminate their debts and perfect their credit.

Listen in for Travis’ unique insight.

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Integrated Payments for SaaS Businesses with Chris Connor of Payrix

Whether you’re in the world of payments as an ISO or merchant services provider, or you’re running a technology business (such as a SaaS (software as a service) business)….. Integrated payments can be the key to tremendous growth.

But what does integrated payments really mean, and HOW can it be leveraged in such a way?

Helping explore this is our guest Christopher Connor, Chief Client Officer for Payrix, a leader in FinTech payments technology for software platforms and digital marketplaces.

Chris has experienced all sides of the relationship that exists between payment providers and partners, creating a unique perspective on payment implementation and monetization. Listen in for his insight!

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Exploring Installment Payments with Brad Paterson of SplitIt

Any payments or fintech business that can help merchants grow in times of economic uncertainty will be in a great position to experience growth themselves.

On this episode, Brad Paterson, CEO of SplitIt, joins the show to share his perspective on how innovative payments solutions can be key growth drivers.

SplitIt is a global payment technology solution that enables no-fee installments on credit card purchases. The company is revolutionizing the way people pay and merchants accept payments leveraging technology which allows consumers to pay in installments using the credit they already have, giving them complete control of their cash flow.

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The Power of Biometrically Verified Digital ID with Alastair Johnson of Nuggets

The continued rise of digital transactions and contactless deliveries have made identification is more important than ever…

How can organizations verify who their customers are and serve them with confidence? How can consumers verify who they are and protect themselves against fraudsters?

These are important challenges, and technology offers unique solutions… particularly biometric technology.

This episode we explore this with the help of Alastair Johnson. Alastair is working to remove much of the friction from ID verification processes with a biometrically verified digital ID being rolled out through his company Nuggets. Listen in as Alastair breaks down the power of this technology, where it’s headed, and more.

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Why Digital Commerce is the Future with Bart Mroz of SUMO Heavy

Consider how many things can be and are ordered online these days… all of the products and services that can be purchased without ever leaving the couch. Now the recent Covid-19 pandemic and stay at home orders have made digital commerce more than just a convenience… but a necessity for businesses and consumers.

On this episode, we explore the current and future landscape of digital commerce with our guest Bart Mroz. Bart Mroz is the co-founder and CEO of SUMO Heavy, a digital commerce consulting and strategy firm. He is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of business management and technology experience. Mroz was a founding partner of multiple consulting companies and is a thought leader who has been published in top eCommerce publications including Internet Retailer and AdExchanger. He also co-hosts SUMO Heavy’s podcasts The eCommerce Minute and In the Ring.

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P2P Lending and Banking in the Wake of Covid-19 with Alison Harwood of Varengold Bank

The full impact of Covid-19 and related shutdowns on business and the finance industry has yet to be realized. However, two finance industry areas that are being impacted in a significant way are P2P Lending, and banking.

On this episode we turn our attention again to Europe as we explore the impact across a number of countries and industries. Our expert guest helping break it all down is Alison Harwood, head of the London Branch at Varengold Bank. Alison is an alternative finance professional, who specializes in alternative lending and structured credit solutions in the FinTech sector.

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International Money Transfer with Nicholas Lembo of TransferWise

Have you ever sent money to someone abroad? Or have you ever worked in a company that had contractors located abroad needing to be paid?  Was the transfer fast and inexpensive, or was it clunky and pricey?

In an increasingly interconnected world, International money transfer has a crucial role to play. On this episode, we explore the ins and outs of it all with help from our guest, Nicholas Lembo. Nick is Head of Americas Growth at TransferWise, which provides online money transfer services for people located all over the globe.

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Online Investment Advisory and Education with Bhanu Laul of iMarche

Many people are simply overwhelmed with the prospect of investing… Some don’t have the time or knowledge to choose what to buy/sell, while others are stuck spending exorbitant fees to barely keep pace with the market.

Could technology offer an educational solution and make traditional financial advisors obsolete?

On this episode, we cover the keys to investing using online tools with the help of our guest Bhanu Laul. Bhanu is the Co-Founder of iMarche, a Canadian Startup aiming to be Canada’s first ever online investment advisory and aggregator platform. They also boast a Financial Education arm called iMarche Learn where they teach basic finance to our audience in the simplest way.

Listen in as Bhanu shares his perspective on revolutionizing the way individual investors approach the markets!

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