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Winning the Banking Fraud Battle with Adam Elliott of ID Insight

Preventing account takeover and new account fraud is one of the biggest challenges the banking world faces today. Fortunately, there are great organizations out there helping banks and others win the battle.

On this episode, we explore this with the help of Adam Elliott, President and Founder of ID Insight. Adam has more than 20 years of experience creating solutions for the financial services and direct marketing industries. Prior to launching ID Insight, he was the President of ChexSystems, Inc., a subsidiary of FIS, the recognized leader in providing risk and fraud solutions for the retail banking industry. He managed the analytics function, product management and channel strategy functions, and is credited with leading the next generation of product solutions, resulting in double digit growth for this mature $100-million business.

Listen in for his unique window into the world of banking fraud prevention!

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Africa’s Untapped Potential for Fintechs and Payments with Marek Zmyslowski

One area of the world that does not get nearly enough business and finance attention is Africa. With many nations and millions of people, it’s an area with tremendous untapped potential, particularly in the worlds of payments and fintech.

Joining us on the show to explore this is someone who is very familiar with the business side of Africa, Marek Zmyslowski. Marek is a Polish-born entrepreneur and executive, focused on online businesses in Frontier and Emerging Markets.

He co-founded Jumia Travel – Africa’s Biggest Hotel Booking Portal listed on NYSE as part of Jumia Group, and – a Travel Technology Company. In 2014, he was chosen as one of the Ten Most Important People in Tech by IT News Africa Magazine.

He’s recently published a book entitled Chasing Black Unicorns: How building the Amazon of Africa put me on Interpol’s Most Wanted list, a fascinating tell-all about his triumphs and challenges in business abroad.

Listen in for his unique story, and insight!

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Opportunity Zones and Fintechs with Jimmy Atkinson of OZ Pros

If you’re an entrepreneur with a maybe a new fintech idea, or you’re looking to start some other kind of business… it can be challenging to attract investors and cut through the noise even if you’ve got a fantastic idea and business plan. If you’re an investor, it can be challenging to deal with tax bills when your investments pay off. Capital gains tax liabilities are no joke.

But what if there was a vehicle to help investors save money on their tax bills, help entrepreneurs attract more investors, AND incentivize economic development in areas that need it most? What if the next great fintech could be a better investment opportunity than anyone could imagine?

This is where Opportunity Zones come in. Helping break all of this down is our guest, Jimmy Atkinson. Jimmy is the founder and host of the Opportunity Zones Podcast, a show which features discussions with thought leaders across business, financial, and even government sectors relating to the topic. Jimmy is also founder of the Opportunity Zones Database, and most recently co-founder of OZ Pros, a business that helps folks navigate the Opportunity Zone Fund and Business creation process.

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Covid-19’s Impact on Fintechs in Europe with Vladimir Atanassov of Scalefocus

At this episode’s release, Coronavirus-related shutdowns and stay-at-home orders are still in full effect all over the world. Even with some places opening up slowly, the impact of Covid-19 on business and finance will be wide reaching.

This impact will differ slightly based on location, and this episode is all about Europe. Our guest is Vladimir Atanassov, the Sales and Alliances Manager for Scalefocus. Scalefocus is a European IT solutions delivery center with expertise in telco, banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, logistics government, and education.

Vladi has 18 years of experience in the IT industry including Financial Services, Banks, Microfinance, OEM, Distribution and Consumer channels so he’s truly plugged into these industries in Europe. Listen in as he breaks the post-Covid-19 state of finance, banking, and tech in Europe down.

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Using AI to Combat Coronavirus Fraud with Daniel Faggella of Emerj

Covid-19, or the novel coronavirus, has resulted in a pandemic that has reached across the globe. Both the virus and the response to it has impacted individuals, businesses and countries in unprecedented ways… the worlds of payments and fintech are no exception.

In times of general societal and economic upheaval, payments fraud can spike. This can affect organizations, particularly financial institutions, in significant ways. Fortunately tools like AI technology can offer solutions which can protect both consumers and businesses.

Helping us explore AI technology and how it can combat payments fraud is our guest this week, Daniel Faggella. Daniel is the head of Research and CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research. Emerj helps those in banking, finance, and government navigate AI by cutting through the artificial intelligence hype, leveraging proven best-practices, and making data-backed decisions about mission-critical priorities. Listen in as Dan breaks it all down!

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Women in Payments and Fintech with Gabrielle Burke of Finastra

It’s no secret that the finance and tech industries have traditionally been male dominated. Fortunately, more women are joining fintech or payments companies every day… with some of them steeping into crucial leadership roles.

On this podcast, we celebrate women in our industry and cover some of the crucial topics relevant to them and the industries at large. Joining us to offer much needed perspective and insight is Gabrielle Burke.

Gabrielle has built a successful career in finance, and is currently a Senior Account Executive at Finastra. Finastra is currently the third largest Fintech company in the world, offering a wide variety of technology solutions to all those from global financial institutions to community banks and credit unions.

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Payments and Banking for the Cannabis Industry with Thomas Gavin of CannaTrac

There’s little doubt that the legal cannabis industry is here to stay, and will continue to grow as more states (and someday even the federal government) will push for legalization (both medicinal and recreational).

Yet the financial side, from banking to commerce, will continue to be a challenge for dispensaries and other legal cannabis businesses must navigate.

Fortunately there are great fintechs working to solve these issues and carve a path forward through technology and transparency. Our guest today is Thomas Gavin IV, CEO of CannaTrac® Technology Inc., a company working to do just that.

Listen in as Tom breaks down the payments and banking challenges the legal cannabis industry faces, and how they can be overcome!

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Exploring PCI Compliance and Payments with Mark Kelly of Key IVR

When it comes to the payments industry, security and compliance (specifically PCI compliance) are crucial topics to understand.

Why is security and compliance so important? What are the consequences for not getting it right? What does PCI compliance even mean?

To answer these critical questions and more, we were joined by Mark Kelly, who is the COO at Key IVR. Key IVR offers automated payment services in the UK and internationally through Europe and into the United States. Furthermore, they offer affordable, secure payment solutions to help you achieve PCI Compliance – including Automated IVR, Call Center Payments and Outbound SMS & Voice.

Listen in for Mark’s unique insight into this topic.

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POS Hardware and Sales Insights with Michael Flores of Star Micronics

When you walk up to a counter in a retail store, restaurant, or other brick-and-mortar business, you are likely to notice their POS system. Hardware still matters to many merchants and can have a huge impact on a business’ bottom line.

Our show this week is all about POS system hardware, and the finer points of sales (no pun intended). Our guest is Michael Flores who is the Channel Partner Manager at Star Micronics. Star Micronics is a leading manufacturer in the global POS industry, provides solutions for printers, cash drawers, and proof of transaction for any POS application.

Listen in to get the scoop on all things Point of Sale.

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